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内容摘要:海明威以独特的写作风格而著称。在他的作品中,《老人与海》最能体现他独特的写作风格和手法。这部小说语言看似简洁自然,其实包含了作者的精心揣摩和润色加工。有时为了突出某一部分,作者会采用长句代替短句。文中的对话内容真实、 香港金多宝618 贴近生活...



  译:Hemingway unique style of writing and celebrated. In his works, the old man and the sea can best embody his unique style of writing and techniques. The novel language seemingly concise nature, it includes the author elaborate surmising and polishing processing. Sometimes in order to give prominence to the one part of, the author USES long sentence instead of short sentences. The text of the dialogue content real, to life, and expression is passed through the artistic processing. Novel concise nature language behind the deep meaning and feelings. The paper also USES simile and metaphor, personification, etc. Also index of rhetoric means the unique style and he worked as a journalists experience relevant, while he and vegetables their long, self-contained and formed its own unique creative methods and artistic style. This kind of style to the whole world literary exerted an important influence. The old man and the sea , in the novel use of a large number of facts, they mostly from the author experiences. Hemingway of these facts carefully chosen, and hence attracting your readers interest and make readers have a kind of experience personally feeling. Beginning with a great deal of truth novel describing the protagonists living environment, narrative style concise nature, without adding any emotional. Along with the development of the plots, a large number of facts are mainly used in the protagonists psychological activity, not mainly by the author to narrative. Meanwhile, the facts of the novel system the indispensable part in.


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